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BDO Old Malda

Notice Inviting Quotation for Various works related to Supplying of materials, Fitting, Fixing, Installation, Cleaning, Priming and Painting under the Office of Old Malda Municipality, Malda

Memo No. - 1731/OMM/2020-21    Dated:05/01/2021

Memo No. - 1732/OMM/2020-21     Dated:05/01/2021

Memo No. - 1734/Q/09/OMM/20-21     Dated:05/01/2021

Memo No. - 1735/Q/09/OMM/20-21    Dated:05/01/2021

Memo No. - 1748/Q/09/OMM/20-21      Dated:06/01/2021

Memo No. - 1749/Q/09/OMM/20-21      Dated:06/01/2021

Memo No. - 1750/Q/09/OMM/20-21     Dated:06/01/2021

Memo No. - 1751/Q/09/OMM/20-21       Dated:06/01/2021

Memo No. - 1752/Q/10/OMM/20-21      Dated:06/01/2021

Memo No. - 1753/Q/10/OMM/20-21        Dated:06/01/2021

Memo No
1731/OMM/2020-21 Dated:05/01/2021
Valid Upto
15/01/2021 - 03:00 PM
Department / Section / Scheme
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