West Bengal National Volunteer Force

Introduction :

West Bengal National Volunteer Force comes under the department of Civil Defence Act 1949, Amendment Act 1950, assent of the Governor was first published in the Calcutta Gazetted of the 5th November, 1950

 All regular/staff are bound by the rules of W.B.S.R. (W.B.S.E.R).

There are two parts of West Bengal National Volunteer Force :

           a) One covers the regular Government Employee.

           b) The other covers the casual worker (“No work, No Pay” basis).

The force is under the Command and Control of the Directorate, which is situated at Kalyani, District Nadia; headed by State Commandant.

The main function of the Malda District Battalion of W.B.N.V.F. is to deploy its trainee effective volunteers to the different departments for Law and Order duty, any emergency duty, security guard duty etc. to assist the Police and other departments as and when needed by them.

Organisation of District Battalion, Malda :

The District Magistrate, Malda is the Chief District Commandant of District Battalion, Malda . The Company Commander, is the head of W.B.N.V.F. District Battalion  Office,  who supervise the work / function of the office of the Company Commander.

Assistant Company Commander (GD & Trg.) is the in charge of the General section of W.B.N.V.F. District Battalion, Malda.

There are five platoons in this District supervise by the platoon Commanders as follows Sadar/old Malda platoon, Kaliachak Platoon, Habibpur / Baishnab Nagar platoon, Chanchal platoon and Gazole platoon respectively.

Staff Strength :

Sl . No.

Name of Post








 Company commander (GD & Trg.)




Asstt. Coy. Commander (GD & Trg.) Sukanta Tarafder is in addl. Charge of Company Commander


Asstt. Coy. Commander (GD & Trg.)




Asstt. Coy. Commander (GD & Trg.) Sukanta Tarafder is in duel charge


Asstt. Coy. Commander (Clerk)




Company Commander office


Platoon Commander (GD & Trg)






Orderly Peon











Recruitment  of Volunteers :

               a) The fresh recruitment of Volunteers has been ceased with effect from July 1978.

                b) However, the recruitment of died-in-harness and on Medical ground case is being done regularly. So far 30 volunteers have been enrolled on that basis for the year 2019.

 Recruitment of Volunteers (Ladies) :

                 So far 31 (thirty one) ladies volunteers have been recruited in W.B.N.V.F. District Battalion, Malda  against Died-in-harness and on Medical Ground case up to  01st December 2019.

 Deployment of effective Volunteers :

                   The platoon Commander concerned deploys the effective volunteers against the requisition made by the various authorities with the approval of District Magistrate and Chief District Commandant, W.B.N.V.F. District Battalion, Malda. The effective volunteers are mobilization on “No work, No. Pay” basis.

Correspondence :

  1. Letters received from March 2019 to 1st December 2019 =190.
  2. Letters issued from March 2019 to 1st December 2019 = 392.

Inspection / Visit of Superior Officers of department :

The last annual inspection was held on 03.11.2017, Shri Utpal  Naskar IPS, the  State Commandant of W.B.N.V.F. Directorate, Kalyani, Nadia ,Visit the unit.

Disposition of effective Volunteers :

The effective strength of volunteers of this District Battalion Malda is 223 as on 01.12.2019.

Deployment details of N.V.F Volunteers as on 01 December 2019 :

Sl.No. Name of the Borrowing Authorities No. of Volunteers deployed
1 Superintendent of Police, Malda 161
2 Superintendent of Railway Police,Siliguri Division, G.R.P. Darjeeling 20
3 Malda Zilla Regulated Market Committee, Malda 13
4 Divisional Manager, (O & M) Division, WBSEDCL Rabindra Avenue, Malda (South and North) 13
5 Executive Engineer, PHE, Dte. Malda Division Arsenic Area, Malda, 4
6 The Superintendent- cum-vice-   principal, M.M.C. & Hospital: 5
7 Absent / Casualty/Police case/proposal for S.O.S 7
  Total 223

Administration :

Deputy Magistrate and Deputy collector Sri Sanjay Thatal, WBCS (Exe.) is the Officer-in Charge of W.B.N.V.F. District Battalion, Malda.

Reports and Returns :-

  1. Monthly ‘B’ Statement of Accounts.
  2. Forces Report and Returns monthly.
  3. Administrative Report monthly.
  4. Yearly Expenditures balance report.
  5. Time to time deployment of NVF Volunteers.
  6. Payment of One Time Ex-gratia for Ex-Volunteers.
  7. Recruitment of Volunteers on Died-in-harness and Medical Ground proposal  sent to the Controlling  Authority.
  8. Welfare work of W.B.N.V.F. Volunteers and there family:-
    1. Tailar Made group insurance.
    2. Swasthya Sathi enrolment.
    3. Supply the Kit and Uniform to the volunteers through the S.P. Malda.
    4. Education grant and other grant from W.B.N.V.F. relief and Welfare society.

Conclusion :-

The W.B.N.V.F. Volunteers have been doing a commendable job whenever they have been deployed in guarding Government Offices and for performing Law and Order duties. They are a well disciplined and trained force.


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