Social Audit

Social Audit is an audit that is conducted jointly by the Government and the people, especially by those people who are affected by, or are the intended beneficiaries of, the scheme being audited. To put in a simpler way, social audit can be described as verification of the implementation of a programme / scheme and its results by the community with the active involvement of the primary stakeholders.

Objectives of Social Audit-

  1. Promote transparency and accountability in the implementation of a programme.

  2. Inform and educate people about their rights and entitlements in course of conducting social audits.

  3. Provide a collective platform such as a social audit Gram Sabha, for people to express their needs and grievances.

  4. Promote people's participation in all stages of the implementation.

  5. Strengthen participation in Gram Sabha, make it an inclusive and participatory institution and make it a platform for positive collective action through social audits.

  6. Improve the capacity of stake-holders who are participants in the social audit.

  7. Democratize decision making by providing a platform for implementation authorities to be accountable to beneficiaries.

  8. Detecting malfunctioning in the implementation in the presence of people and promoting corrective action.

  9. Providing a platform for systematic feedback to improve the programme.

  10. Complement formal audit processes.

Social Audit at a glance in Malda district

Name of the District No of GP in the District Year Name of Block No of GP covered


146 nos of Gram Panchayats


English Bazar, Habibpur, Chanchal-I, Manikchak, Bamongola, Ratua-I, Ratua-II, Chanchal-II 72 nos of Gram Panchayats

Harishchandrapur-I, Kaliachak-I, Kaliachak-II, Kaliachak-III, Old Malda, Gazole, English Bazar, Chanchal-I, Manikchak

87 nos of Gram Panchayats


Harishchandrapur-I, Harishchandrapur-II Kaliachak-II, Chanchal-I, Chanchal-II, Ratua-I, Ratua-II, Habibpur, Bamongola

75 nos of Gram Panchayats


Kaliachak-I, Kaliachak-III, English Bazar, Gazole, Old Malda, Manikchak

71 nos of Gram Panchayats

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