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Election Section

  1. Name of District Election Officer : Shri Nitin Singhania, IAS
  2. Name of ADM-in-Charge :Shri Vaibhav Chaudhary, IAS
  3. Name of Officer-in-Charge :Shri Soumyo Ghosh, WBCS (Exe.)
  4. Name of Head Assistant : Sri Kamal Chaki
  5. Nature of the work assigned to the section (in detail) : All programme of ECI relating to Revision of Photo Electoral Rolls, Preparation of EPICs, Conduct of Election to House of the People/ WBLA as and when necessary Delimitation/ Rationalization of Polling Stations are done in time to time.   During this period, 100% Electors Verification Programme (EVP), Revision of Electoral were carried out as per Schedule of ECI and National Voters’ Day 2020. Loksabha 2019 General Election was held during this period. All report returns relating to Election as well as revision process and special revision programme were communicated to CEO, WB as well as ECI in scheduled time.
  6. Acts/ Rules/ Regulation its dealt with :
    • A).
      1. Constitution of India,
      2. R.P Act, 1950,
      3. R.P. Act 1951,
      4. The Delimitation Act 2002,
      5. R.E. Rules, 1960,
      6. Guidelines of Rationalization,
      7. Conduct of Election Rules 1961, 2004, 2008 (Amendment),
      8. Guideline for Conduct of Photo Electoral Roll Revision.
    • B).
      1. WB Municipal Act 1993, 1994 (Amendment),
      2. WB Municipal Election (R.E. Rules – 1995),
      3. Conduct of Municipal Election Rules 1995,2004(Amendment).
  7. Area concerned :
    1. Nos. of Parliament Constiteuncy - 02 Nos. (7- Maldaha Uttar & 8-Maldaha Dakshin),
    2. No. of Assembly Constituency - 12 Nos.  (43- Habibpur (ST), 44- Gazole(SC), 45- Chanhcal, 46- H.C. Pur, 47- Malatipur, 48- Ratua, 49- Malnikchak, 50- Maldaha (SC), 51- Englishbazar, 52- Mothabari, 53- Sujapur, 54- Baishnabnagar)  
  8. Performance report on different programme : There are 12(twelve) Assembly Constituency have reached 100% Electors Verification Programme (EVP) coverage during Pre-SRER activities.   This year target is to complete 100% of enrollment of Young Electors age group between18-19 and also target to produce an error free electoral roll in respect of Malda district.   This year a new IT platform have been introduced by the Election Commission of India to do all sorts works related to the Electoral Roll known as ERONET. Using this portal Elector can apply for new enrollment, correction in the EPIC etc. the url is A new colorful EPIC in PVC paper will be issued from this SRER-2020   
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