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General Establishment Section

1) In addition to the West Bengal Services (Medical Attendance) Rules 1964, with a view to providing better medical facilities to the employees of Government of West Bengal, West Bengal Health Scheme-2008 has been introduced vide memo number 7287-E, dated 19-09-2008 issued by Finance Department, Government of West Bengal subject to forgoing Medical Allowance from salary drawn. Government extended this facilities also to the superannuated and family pensioner of Government of West Bengal vide number 3475-F, dated 11.05.2009 with effect 01.06.2009 subject to foregoing Medical Relief from pension drawn.

In the year 2009 and 2010, in addition to All India Services (Medical Attendance) Rules 1954, Government of West Bengal extended the facilities of WBHS, subject to the forgoing to CGHS, to the employees of Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and Indian Forest Services (IFS) Indian Police Services (IPS) and deputed the affairs of West Bengal vide order number 2926-PAR (IAS)/1M-14/2009, dated; 30.10.2009, 9615-For, dated; 24.11.2009 and 68-P.S. Cell/HR/O/1M-14/, dated 11.01.2010. Again in the year 2011, Government extended the benefits of WBHS to the retired AIS officers who served in the state of affairs of West Bengal subject to the foregoing to CGHS and one time contribution of amounting ₹ 40,000.00(Forty Thousand) vide number 921-F (MED), dated 16.09.2011.

In WBHS-08, a beneficiary can get reimbursement of the cost of all indoor treatment in empanelled hospitals within the state of West Bengal and the cost of OPD treatment for 17 (Seventeen) diseases as specified as per clause of this scheme. Besides these, treatment can also be availed in 9 (Nine) enlisted hospitals outside West Bengal. Claim of only indoor treatment in non-empanelled hospitals within the state is also reimbursable subject to the compliance of guidelines.

In the year 2014, Government notified to change the name of scheme as “West Bengal Health for All Employees and Pensioners Cashless Medical Treatment Scheme 2014” in place of West Bengal Health Scheme and introduced Cashless Medical Facilities up to ₹ 1,00,000.00 (Rupees one lac) per indoor treatment.

For more details about the scheme please visit or

2) The State Govt. employees may be allowed the benefit of leave travel concession once in service career, but the benefit may be availed of by them during the period of five years preceding the actual date of retirement on superannuation. The employee, who has been duly permitted to retire voluntarily, may also be allowed to avail of the benefit before his retirement.

After the LTC applications generated through HRMS module of IFMS system are received, they are placed for approval both offline and online of ADM G who is the HOO of all staff and officers upto the post of DM & DC. The DM, Malda is the HOO for the officers from Sub-Divisional Officer onwards. Once the LTC applications are approved by the respective HOO, claims are to be submitted within the period of three months that are again to be approved both offline and online by the respective HOO. Then declaration of spouse and family members tickets/vouchers/invoice/bill  (in duplicate)in support of the claims are required to be submitted. After due verification, sanction orders are generated from online and bill is processed through e-billing module of IFMS System.

3) Maintenance of service book of group A, B and C of others cadre  are done here.

4) All kinds of leave applications of all category employees are processed here.

5) Preparation of GISS and GPF Bill of Refundable, Non-Refundable, 90% one time Advance and final payment of all the employees are done here.

6) Preparation and processing of normal, revised and family pensions are done here.

7) Processing and appointment of die-in-harness cases on approval of Government are processes here.

8) Salary Bill, Fixation, Arrear/supplementary bill, Income Tax filing, Personal Service matter of Gr. A, B, C ,, WBCS (Exe.) and, IAS cadres are maintained here.

9) Official Travel Allowance bill of all Officers and staff (other than Group “D”) are prepared here.

10) Recruitment of Retired Employee along with renewal of their term of service   and others service related matters are maintained here.

11) Recruitment of Data Entry Operators (contractual) are processed here.

12) Maintenance of Allotment of Funds only for Salary and Travel Allowance are done here.

13)  The Government is fully in consonance with the view that there should be scope for promotion for all categories of employees and, in general, no employee should end his career where he began because of lack of avenues of promotion. A number of measures are being taken to implement this policy.

In view of the above the Promotion are being done at every level of employment from Group-D to LDC, LDC to UDC, UDC to ASP(H/C), ASP(H/C) to Addl. Accountant , Addl. Accountant to Accountant, Accountant to Head assistant and finally Head assistant to office Superintendent as per the 50 Point Roaster and current Gradation List of Employees of Malda Collectorate, Malda. Sometimes the promotion orders come along with the Transfer order of the promoted employees.

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