3. Names of Courts & Court Buildings

Particulars of Court Buildings

Name of the Courts

1)Old Court Building

District & Sessions Judge Court and Civil Judge, (Sr. Dvn) Court, Malda.

2) New Court Building Inagurated on 20.09.2006.

Additional District & Sessions Judge 1st and 2nd Court, Malda, Civil Judge (Jr. Dvn) 1st and 2nd Court, Malda and Judicial magistrate 1st and 2nd Court Malda.

3) Old Collectorate Building, Malda.

Additional District & Sessions Judge, 2nd Court and Chief Judicial Magistrate, Court, Malda.

4) Satya Choudhury Indoor Stadium, Malda.

Additional District & Sessions Judge 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th 5th and 6th Fast Track Court, Malda.

The above Courts are functioning from the Satya Choudhury Indoor Stadium Malda on monthly rental basis.
5) Proposal for sanction of fund of Rs.4,44,10,700/- for construction of the New Court Building forwarded vide this Office Memo No. 3190/ G. dated 13.04. 2010 is pending with the Government of West Bengal.
6) Proposal for submission of plan and cost estimate for construction of New Court Building in place of Old Munsif Court Building is pending with Executive Engineer, PWD, Malda Division.
7) The work of renovation of Chanchal Rajbari for establishment of Chanchal Sub-Divisional Court has been started by PWD, Malda Division.